Hidden Gems: Smoke, “Heaven on a Popsicle Stick” (Bandcamp)

Review: CupcakKe is as intriguing as ever, but not as successful, on her second album this year (The 405)

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Still Sets the Gold Standard (Consequence of Sound)

Review: Takeoff keeps Migos close to his heart while showing new ambitions on his first solo effort (The 405)

Review: Daughters return with an unnerving powerhouse of a comeback album (The 405)

Review: Lil Yachty keeps sinking on Nuthin' 2 Prove (The 405)

Review: Matthew Dear returns, but not as strong as before, with Bunny (The 405)

Review: Tim Hecker takes inspiration from Japanese court music for one of his finest albums, Konoyo (The 405)

Review: The Field provides a meaningful escape on Infinite Moment (The 405)

Review: Richard D. James maintains the Aphex Twin name with the strong Collapse EP (The 405)

Review: Reese LaFlare gathers his influences into an intoxicating mixture, edging towards something new (The 405)

Review: A lack of surprises makes Smote Reverser a relatively disappointing effort for Oh Sees (The 405)

Review: Trevor Powers stumbles in his attempt to break away from Youth Lagoon on Mulberry Violence (The 405)

Review: Nicki Minaj is rap royalty, but Queen finds her struggling to maintain her throne (The 405)

Review: YG tries to Stay Dangerous but plays it a bit too safe (The 405)

Review: Taylor Bennett, brother of Chance the Rapper, can't find focus on his new EP (The 405)

Review: The Switch effectively continues Kim Gordon's post-Sonic Youth career with Body/Head (The 405)

Immortal Are as Delightfully Evil as Ever on Northern Chaos Gods (Consequence of Sound)

Review: Griselda continue to breathe life into NY mafioso rap with Westside Gunn's Supreme Blientele (The 405)

Review: Kazuashita marks a triumphant return from Gang Gang Dance (The 405)

Review: EVERYTHING IS LOVE reaffirms Jay-Z and Beyoncé's union without beating a dead horse (The 405) 

Review: Uniform and The Body's collaboration album aims to terrify but falls short (The 405)

Review: Agnes Obel's contribution to the Late Night Tales series is rich in talent and diversity (The 405)

Review: Kyle Bobby Dunn's split LP with Wayne Robert Thomas can be trying, but offers rewards for the patient (The 405)

Review: DRINKS' second album reunites Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley but fails to re-capture the magic of their debut (The 405)

Review: Speedy Ortiz get political and personal on their strong third album (The 405)

Review: The consistent, but never dull Wye Oak deliver a strong statement on their latest album (The 405)

Review: I'll Be Your Girl is a palatable but rarely involving Decemberists album (The 405)

Review: The Men's latest album might solidify them as jacks of all trades, masters of none (The 405)

Review: Superchunk fire on all cylinders with the politically charged What a Time to Be Alive (The 405) 

Review: Django Django take a turn for the poppier on their best album yet, Marble Skies (The 405)

Review: Prurient takes his time across the drawn-out, dark Rainbow Mirror (The 405) 

Review: Jaako Eino Kalevi & Long-Sam regroup as Man Duo, combining their tasteful techno production skills into delightful new album Orbit (The 405) 

Review: Laurel Halo has morphed all of her quirky and creative signature elements into her most joyful and complete album to date; Dust (The 405)

Review: Beach Fossils allow a little sunshine to creep into their evocatively overcast dreampop on their strongest album yet, Somersault (The 405)


A conversation with Diggy: "Everybody has that thing they're trying to get past, right?" (The 405)

A conversation with Soho Rezanejad: "Recording under one’s own name is a great responsibility." (The 405) 

A conversation with Duckwrth: "I’m just creating a safe space for a bro to be like 'Yo, I got emotions, man.'" (The 405)

The 405 meets BLXPLTN (The 405)

A conversation with Henry Jamison: "I think everyone can find some pure expression of themselves." (The 405)

A conversation with Tusks: "I kind of get lost in the writing and the production." (The 405)


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Technology changing the future of music (The Northerner)


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